UMM use cases

The purpose of this section is to provide some hands-on guidance on typical publications scenario’s and how to fulfil the regulatory requirements set out by REMIT. However, following the guidelines in this section does not in in any case remove the final liability and responsibility of Market Participants in case of incorrect disclosure of inside information following REMIT.

It is recommended to establish internal routines for handling of the disclosure requirements. In the event of any deviation between the guidelines described in this section and the responsibility of the member in REMIT.

Updating the UMM series

When new information appears, which is inside information or to be reported under the REMIT, a new message must be published. The new message must contain consistent information, so it is important to compare the  content of updates with previously published UMMs.

New information about the same event is published on the same UMM series.

Event start

Under normal circumstances, “Event Start” should not be changed after the start of the event, unless incorrect information was reported in the original UMM.

Event stop

  • For the message categories “Unavailability of electricity facilities” or “Unavailability of gas facilities” it is obligatory to specify Date and time of “Event Stop”. Event Stop” is the date and time when the planned  absence or change in available power will end or end.
  • For messages published for the category “Other” market information “Event Stop” is optional information. The “Event Stop” must not be specified for messages with permanent characteristics, e.g. when a new power plant is started up.

Available capacity

When changes in available capacity occur during the event, the updated “available capacity” should be indicated by publishing the updated version of the event.

Dismissing events

  • If the UMM concerns an event that will no longer occur, please edit UMM and select event status “Dismissed”.
  • A reason for cancellation must be provided.
  • The Dismissing of UMM Series is an action that cannot be undone.
  • If the UMM series was dismissed by mistake, a new UMM series may be published.


Remarks that are no longer relevant shall be deleted when updating a UMM.

Incorrect UMM was published

In the event that inaccurate information is published through a publishing company, it is responsible for correcting the information and notifying the market as soon as possible by

  • Update the UMM series with the correct information and indicate in the “Remarks” section that the information in the previous UMM series was incorrect, or
  • Cancel the UMM with the reason for cancellation and publish a new series of UMMs.

Publish UMM for special cases

The general rule is to use reporting schemes for power and gas facilities in all cases where specific assets and units are involved in order to ensure that the message is as detailed as possible.

However, there are cases where neither the production nor the consumption nor the transfer schemes are suitable for this situation. In these cases, the user can use the Other market information schema, which allows to receive less specific messages. Information explaining the situation or event must be entered in the “Remarks” text field.


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The purpose of this section is to provide some hands-on guidance on typical publications scenario’s and how to fulfil the regulatory requirements set out by REMIT.