For further information please contact:

+49 (0)561 56014565

Communications by the participants

For any communications regarding:

  • problems of access to the IIP
  • problems in the operational management of the IIP

the participant can send an email to Webware may also ask, if necessary, additional clarifications and information to the participant.

Communications by Webware

The planned interruptions of the IIP functionality, i.e., maintenance of the IIP itself will be notified by Webware promptly to all user of the IIP as well as to the contact beings for technical and operational communication, by appropriate notification to be sent, if possible, at least one calendar day in advance than the related  interruption/maintenance work. In such cases, Webware may also disclose, by means of a notice published as part of the IIP, the recurrence of the maintenance event.

In case of any unplanned malfunctions, interruptions, delays and suspensions of the features of the IIP, Webware shall promptly notify the market participant about such event by sending an e-mail to the address associated with the master user and the contact being for technical and operational communications. Webware will also make known the recurrence of such an event through a notice posted on its website under REMIT section.

Webware will also send a similar message after the restoration of the normal activities of the platform.

Useful information

Except in the cases referred to in the previous paragraph, the IIP is always active 365 days a year, 24 hours a